Zeth M. Weissman

The Meaning of Zeth...

A lot of people want to know what the hell Zeth means. Well, I am glad that you asked. My name is not short for Zethiathin or Zethacktin or any other Greek Mythological name that you can think of. It isn't short for anything, it is just plain Zeth. Pronounced just like Seth or Beth but with a Z. A lot of people have problems with this and for some reason they want to put and I in there and pronounce it like Keith. Or they will change the TH to FF and say it like Jeff. I don't think it is that difficult, but then again, I've lived with the name for quite some time now and I have grown quite accustomed to it. So just call me Bill. Why Bill? Why not! My great-grandfather on my mother's side was named William (or Bill amongst his friends) and in Hebrew, the name William is Zev. So my parents went with that and Americanized it to the present form of Zeth. So, that's my life story in a nutshell. But if you do call me Bill, I probably won't answer.

For whatever reason that possesed me to do it, I started do a search on the internet for other people who have my common uncommon name. I was under the impression that I was the only Zeth that existed, but I was wrong. There are many other Zeth's in this world. This is why I have decided to create the first ever Official Zeth Page. I hope that you enjoy.

This page was created in 1996 by Zeth Weissman, all wrongs right, and all lefts too.
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